Healthy Seminal Fluid Key To Healthy Offspring

Healthy Seminal Fluid Necessary For Healthy Offspring

There was a recent study done using rats to study seminal fluid. The results were pretty interesting. I’ll try to wrap them up quickly and neatly for you.
Scientists have come up with a sound theory that correlates unhealthy males seminal fluid to unhealthy offspring causing a variety of problems. This may seem obvious, but there’s more to it.

Dr.Robertson say “The male is contributing alot more than just the sperm that fertilizes the egg.”


Scientists observe sperm frequently to ensure that the human race will go on. This is what their job looks like.

It is known that the mothers stress levels, diet, infections and personal habits play a critical role in the health of the offspring. New studies have shown that the fathers also play a critical role.

Dr.Robertson and his colleagues went on to develop there theory and found that the male plays a very important role in the development of metabolic disorders like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Good news fat people it’s not all your fault – science says so!
Apart from sperm, semen mostly consists of seminal fluid (That’s the watery part that isn’t sticky.) and it’s created from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

Robertson and his partners removed these seminal fluid producing parts in his lab mice.

Only 1/4 of those matings resulted in pregnancies in which resulted with fewer offspring than usual.
Robertson notes: “There was a major reduction in the male fertility.”
Also, offspring from the seminal fluid deficient males were much smaller at birth, but at puberty they grew significantly chubbier in the belly area.
“The offspring were on average 5% larger than the control” The males were affected much more than the females as well.
“In the male offspring, this was associated with a 72% rise in stomach fat and a 20% rise in each fat cell.
The mice hormone panels revealed that they had slower metabolic rates than control group mice, reduced glucose tolerance. In people all of these signs are associated with type 2 diabetes.

Semen Signals

Dr.Robertson made a few notes on seminal fluid signals. Including these few key points here:
“If the seminal fluid is deficient it can’t do that job.”
He was referring to the job of providing signals that seminal fluid gives off in the females reproductive tract.
This was found during a variety of complex tests.
They first removed the female mouse embryos who had been inseminated by a male mouse that was seminal fluid deficient.
“They grew much better in vitro suggesting there was something bad about the tract that we were releasing them from,” said Robertson.
In testing this hypothesis the researchers replaced regular embryos, sired by regular males, into the same females, and found discovered the development of those embryos was affected as well.
“We could impart the adverse effect on the offspring simply by exposing them to the female tract.”, Robertson stated.
The researchers found that healthy seminal fluid turned on growth factors that support the growth of the embryo and turn those that are bad for it.
“The embryos have to get the right signals to grow the right way.” Said Robertson.

Relevance To Humans

Since the anatomy of mice and men (so to speak) is drastically different, these findings are difficult to extrapolate accurately.
However, the premise still applies.
Low, unhealthy amounts of seminal fluid in males will in fact result in offspring that have symptoms resembling type 2 diabetes and obesity characteristics.

Moral of this study, lads…? eat healthy, stay fit and active and stay away from fast food. make sure your swimmers are swimming in plenty of seminal fluid.

Masturbation Techniques To increase Semen

Jerking off is fun, but most guys just tug it as fast as they can until they shoot. Don’t lie to yourselves, fellas. If you want to increase your semen you’re not doing it that way.
Jerking off at warp speed may help you achieve orgasm faster and obtain bliss quicker, but really you are only hurting yourself.
If you truly want to gain more cock discipline and be able to ejaculate larger amounts of semen then you should listen up to this next tid bit.

PC Muscles

Edging and Kegel Exercises

It’s called edging and, yes you can practice it by jerking off, but not like you’re used to. It’s very simple and requires you to learn your limits and train your PC muscles that make you retain your ejaculate. PC muscles also known as pubococygeus muscles. These muscles control the contraction and relaxation of your penis and anus. Both are very important during ejaculation. You can flex these muscles in nearly any position. You’re probably sitting down right now. Contract your anus, pulling it inwards and flex your penis as if you were trying to hold your piss. This is the most common exercise for you PC muscles. You do that every day in grouped sets, just like a real workout.

Don’t mixup kegel exercise with PC muscles. They are pretty much the same thing. Kegel exercises just mean that you are exercising the pubococygeus muscles and PC muscles is the muscle group being exercises by kegel exercises. They go hand in hand.

The Purposes and Importance of Your PC Muscles

PC muscles make up your pelvic floor, holding your guts inside your belly. Not only do that Keep you insides where  they belong, they provide a few other very important benefits for us men. For instance; If you suffer from from incontinence, leakage or any kind of “accidents” it’s been proven over and over that strengthening your PC muscles (pubococygeus muscles) will help solve that problem.

This muscle group also has a sexual function, and quite a strong one at that. It has been shown that by strengthening you PC muscles with kegel exercises you can improve your erection size and actual hardness. That’s not bull shit. It also helps with premature ejaculation as I spoke of above. It prevents early ejaculations by training the muscles that contract during orgasm. The stronger your PC muscles, the easier it is for you to stop a intense orgasm from blowing out and ruining a great experience that you want to last longer. Next time you are having sex remember to flex your PC muscles when you’re about to cum just like you would cut off a stream of pee and you will learn to last a whole lot longer in bed. Your lady will thank you. Remember that practice makes perfect or atleast a better version of what you once were.

Good luck with your trials

L Arginine

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a bigger ejaculation and if you’re not looking for that, well then… sorry and good bye. I have found many natural supplements that increase my semen volume and give me bigger ejaculations.
I’m a gym goer, so I’m a fan of my supplements and every so often I pick up a random one from the shelf and give it a go.

l arginine

the amino is commonly bought in capsules, but can be found in powder forms too and also priced up for mixtures.

But I have found one supplement to stand alone in the random choice selection process that I feel I should mention to you. It’s called L-Arginine. It’s one of the body’s many essential amino acids. Your bod has a few hundred essential amino acids, but only a few have noticeable effects.

I bought L-aginine, read the back label and said “fuck it!” (kidding) I took it in the morning and post workout or mid day (that’s twice daily as instructed). After about a week of using L-arginine I saw some results. Whenever I’d masturbate and shoot my load: 1) It was noticeably increased and 2) it was much more dense with semen not to be confused with seminal fluid (the watery part). My semen was much heavier and very white compared to some previous ejaculations where they were a bit watery and sometimes a bit yellowish.

So… What’s my personal conclusion on L arginine? well if you want to take l argininge for bigger ejaculations than it is exactly what you want. And not only will you achieve bigger ejaculations, but denser, more potent ones. L arginine is a primary ingredient in Semenax that is sold on this site.

So you can check out Semenax or you can go buy Larginine online or from most supermarkets.

Maca Root – It’s Gods Viagra

Maca has long been known to increase fertility in men and cure a wide variety of illnesses like anemia and chronic fatigue syndrome. This was all discovered 3000 years ago, so why did we, modern humans really start giving a shit now? Well – Maca has been documented to highly increase energy, stamina, athletic performance, memory and fertility in men.


Maca Root Powder (colored for dramatic effect)

Women use maca to treat hormonal imbalances, menstrual problems and symptoms of menopause. Still the benefits go on… Maca is also used to treat bone weakness such as osteoporosis, depression, stomach cancer, leukemia, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB), erectile dysfunction(ED)  and libido. It has been used to make soups and drinks for ages used in rituals, to spark desires and have sex.It has also been documented as being used in livestock for breeding purposes. All of these amazing effects from this one natural root and guess what… It’s a primary ingredient in the product Semenax. Get it HERE.

Bigger Loads or Just a Load of Shit?

Shooting bigger loads, cumming an additional 3 feet and having longer ejaculations. Is it real? Or is it just a load of bullshit?

First take a second and think about the basic composition of a ejaculation… It’s made up of mostly proteins and amino acids. So yeah, you can get more of both of them in your diet for a greater ejaculation. There are a wide variety of supplements out there on the market that can simply provide you with amino acids or with protein. Many bodybuilders take them daily for increased physical performance and protein synthesis. How does that reflect on their sexual performance? Well after your body achieves a high efficiency it can process the needed vitamins and minerals much faster for a greater ejaculation to provide you with much greater pleasure.

After a good workout I always get horny. It’s almost an effort not to jerk of after I get a good workout in. My hormones are raging and my body is thriving. I actually have to distract myself by reading a book before bed, listening to music or watching a movie.

So what am I truly recommending to you here? First off, You should go to the gym. It gets the blood pumping and naturally increases your body’s hormone production. Going to the gym alone and eating healthy will increase your semen to an extent. Eating foods with high cholesterol will actually increase your testosterone levels more, but at the sacrifice of your hearts health.  That’s why attending the gym regularly is necessary.
You can also boost you semen load by taking this little supplement called Semenax. It’s full of all of the beneficial vitamins and minerals that the high cholesterol food has, without the cholesterol. Give it a try risk free for 60 days.

Increasing Your Ejaculate Volume With Supplements

Increasing Semen Volume With Zinc

Increasing your ejaculate volume with zinc? Is it a real thing or is it just a man’s myth? Zinc is an all-natural mineral and metal. It is found in the Earth and also in the human body where it’s created naturally VIA biological processes.


So can you actually increase your ejaculate volume with Zinc? The answer is “Yes” you can. Only to an extent is it effective, though. Zinc is a metal and if you intentionally ingest too much with mineral supplements you can poison yourself, and there is no benefit in that now is there?

The use of all natural supplements to enhance the human body’s performance has been around for ages. One quite popular one is the coca leaf; chewed by natives of its originating land gave them the buzz that cocaine does. That’s an extreme example, but once people began scientifically looking into the human body’s processes and what runs them. They then found out the uses for certain minerals such as Zinc can be very useful in improve the human body.


Zinc happens to be an essential part in producing semen. That doesn’t mean you should go pounding it down. There are fine chemical balances in your body and if they are thrown off too much problems occur. Bear that in mind.

Zinc for ejaculation enhancement… Yes it works, but be safe and get a proven supplement that will definitely increase your semen and keep you healthy.


Increase Semen Volume With Maca


Maca -

 Can you increase your semen volume with maca? It’s only a root. So how can it do this?

Maca has been around for centuries. It has been used for unaccountable things. It has long been used for a form of payment. It was traded for every day common goods like rice and corn in Peru. Peru is its origin; being grown in the Andean mountains.


maca root

Maca’s Ingredients

Maca consists of many great ingredients that make it great for a daily supplement. It can help you with nearly anything. There was a documentation of a battle that took place in centuries ago. It is often said that Incan warriors used to consume massive amounts of maca before battle. Their Imperial warriors legendary strength and vigor was contributed to the consumption of the maca before battle.

History of Maca

Historians said that after the Incan warriors conquered a city or town they would intensely peruse the women because of the virility that the maca has provided them with. As long as the intense battling the soldiers endured they would continue to chase down women to procreate.

Maca’s preparation and consumption

Maca is prepared and consumed in many ways, though it’s normally cooked. The newly harvested maca would be roasted in a pit (called a huitia). Always considered a specialty, the root was precious. There are few other ways to prepare the root. It can be mashed to a pulp for a milk shake similar consumable or boiled until the extracts seep out and then drink the tea to feel the effects. Although, the ground powder is most commonly used today mixed with milk and sweeteners You can consume it othwise.

Maca is food for both humans and animals and side effects are minimal and so are the risks of getting them. It’s a considerably safe root food to consume.

Enhancing side effects

There were small trials in males that have indicated that the consumption of maca heightens your libido and improve semen volume and quality. It has also been documented that it also assists in the alleviation of sexual disorders. It has even been shown to increase and enhance male hormone levels.


Increasing Ejaculate Volume With Celery


You are probably thinking “What the hell?!” Or maybe not.
I’m here to help clarify that thought.

How Can You Increase Your Semen With Celery?

That’s the question. Here’s your answer… Eat more celery. DUH!

What is in Celery That Would Help You Ejaculate More?

Nothing! … Are you surprised? Celery i mostly water and the rest fiber. There is no real science to back up this old myth that celery increases your ejaculate volume. Sorry to disappoint you if you went out and bought a shit load of celery, but it isn’t gonna help you.

I recommend Semenax if you want natural results that you were probably hoping the celry was going to give you.


Using Lecithin to Increase Semen Volume


Is lecithin bullshit or is it a real solution?

Lecithin really works to increase your cum production. It does work, but be aware that it can be dangerous to take alot of lecithin. The recommended amount to consume is 8-10 doses of 1200 mg 1 day before sex. You’re body is not used to processing that much shit suddenly so be careful.

This is proven to work, but has inherent risks.

Increase Semen Volume

Is this a myth; Can you increase semen volume with merely a pill?

It’s a frequent question to me and just to the online community. I’ve read it in many places online. The simple truth of this is no, It’s not a myth. You can really increase your seminal volume with pills.

We aren’t talking about growing your boner to 2 feet long or anything like that, though we all know that would be great, it just doesn’t happen without surgery. Back to the point at hand. The reason you’re here and the riddle of mans sperm count.

The average ejaculation is about 15-20 ml. That’s on average. If you begin taking one of these volume supplements you have my personal guarantee you will double that amount in 1 months time.

How and what can and/or will increase my semen volume? It’s a tragically complicated answer with many options, but those options all have your answer.

Check out your options HERE.

There are a huge variety of supplements, routines and diets out there for you to try, but for a simple and fast solution to your problem I highly recommend you grab up one of the products at the link above.

All of those products are proven highly effective and safe by millions of satisfied consumers.

Increasing Ejaculation Volume

Guys are always looking for new methods to increase their ejaculation volume. Personally I think the bigger the better. Every time I ejaculate with my girl I think of ways that I could have made it better, bigger , stronger and more intense for my own pleasure and hers.

After searching for way for increasing my ejaculate volume I have found one fool proof solution that really works. “What is it?” You may ask. Well it is a simple supplement that has the right ingredients in it. It’s called Semenax and I have tried it and I’ve enjoyed it now for around 2 years.

Semenax is perfect for my needs and wants. My girl has no problem with it either. She gets her share of pleasure out of it too. I’ve taken note and made sure to continue my usual Semenax supplementation routine to ensure that I increase my ejaculation volume.

I recommend Semenax to any guy who is looking for better sex and especially better, bigger ejaculations. Semenax can benefit any guy who wants a more intense and pleasurable orgasm.

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If you’re looking for better sex and bigger orgasms than along with supplementation you should try eating right as well. Click here for a list of super foods that’ll increase your sperm count naturally.

May you have the best sex ever,

Cell Phone Usage and Infertility

Your sperm is in danger: Your cell phone is the culprit


There have been many studies concerning male fertility and they have shown that males sperm count and quality of that sperm is steadily decreasing 1% annually. What defines sperm quality and why is it decreasing?

Sperm quality is defined by a few factors:

Volume: The quantity of sperm that is ejaculated per orgasm.
Liquefaction Time: Sperm comes out in a matter alike to gel. Within about 20 minutes time that ejaculate will turn into a liquid. Liquefaction Time is the amount of time needed for your sperm to liquefy.
Sperm count: This is the measure of how many parts per million of each milliliter of semen is actual sperm.
Sperm Morphology:  This measures the sperms shape and functionality. Sperm needs to be shaped properly in order to function properly.
Sperm Motility:  This measures the sperms ability to move forward as usual. Some sperm are malformed.
pH: This is a measure of the acidity (low pH) or alkalinity (high pH) of the semen.
White Blood Cell Count: White blood cells aren’t supposed to be in your sperm.
Fructose Levels: Fructose is a simplified form of sugar that should be present in your sperm to provide them with the proper energy.

Try Semenax to Increase Your Fertility

Cell phone and infertility

Why is every male’s fertility in jeopardy?

Every male who carries a cell phone has been unintentionally killing off their sperm. Most people carry their cell phone in the front pocket of their pants. What does this mean? Every time your cell phone receives a text message, phone call or even an email; it emits x-rays that reduces your sperm count and fertility. X-rays for bone fractures emit the same radio waves, but you are given a lead cover to protect your testicles during an x-ray. Your genitals are not covered by a lead apron while you’re carrying your cell phone.

In order to prevent the reduction in your sperm, you should take a few precautions.  You can start by removing your cell phone or pocket pc from your front pocket and get a hip holster or carry you mobile device elsewhere.
Second action you can take is turning off your phone while you carry it in your front pant pocket. It’s difficult to go without your cell phone these days, but if your fertility is a concern to you; then you shouldn’t mind.
You can also decrease the amount of time you use your cell phone daily. Try to use landlines more often.
Those three methods alone can improve your sperm count and quality dramatically.

What else is can I do in order to prevent myself from becoming infertile?

There are supplements you can use that increase your sperm and health. One of the most reputable and trusted natural supplements is Semenax. It has been shown to improve your sperm count within a month’s time. Along with being all natural it doesn’t require a prescription and has a great price and an unbeatable guarantee. It comes recommended from homeopathic urologist worldwide.  Try Semenax risk free for 60 days.

Why You Should Buy Semenax

How Can Semenax Benefit You?:

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What does Semenax feature?/ What does it actually do for you?:

1. It’s main feature is its ability to turn a sputter of semen into a massive gushing orgasm.

2. Semenax boasts 10 years of research from expert homeopathic scientists.

3. It has no negative side effects because it is 100% natural.

4. It gets you rock hard and keeps you hard so you can last longer.


Not so much a feature; but it has a full 100% satisfaction guarantee with any purchase.