Increased Testosterone – No Fap No Booze

The 30 Day No Fap No Booze Challenge

Every guy masturbates. It’s normal, it’s natural. It’s also a waste of time and bodily fluid. Every guy has drank booze as well. It’s relaxing and helps people mingle.

What if every guy didn’t do either, though, for 30 days…? Do you have it in you to complete the No fap No booze Challenge?

Studies have shown that masturbating decreases testosterone significantly. Remember those times you’ve gone 3,4 maybe 5 days without fapping? Remember that feeling of increased energy and a boost in concentration. That’s directly related to not jerking off.

no fap

Now couple not jerking off with not drinking alcohol and your testosterone levels will go sky high compared to what they currently are. You’ll feel great, your energy will be through the roof and you’ll be feeling better than ever.

Do you even lift, bro?

If you lift weight and you try No fap No booze you’ll see a great difference. Your gains will go up and you’ll have a natural energy going into each workout. Everybody who lifts wants high T levels. High T goes side by side with bigger muscles. It’s science…(bro science).

Drinking alcohol is kind of self explanatory.  When you drink your body just has more shit it has to process and alcohol is not the easiest to process to say the least. Plus with one drink usually comes another. Hangovers are the worst on the human body. They deplete the body of all of its natural nutrients and draw all the water from the other bodily functions to help nurse the hangover. Essentially – hangovers = no gains.

So don’t be a meat beating alcoholic for one month and see how you feel. (sex is okay just not with yourself) and watch your gains grow and your mind focus.

The Urge To Splurge

Ever held back an ejaculation for an extended period of time? Maybe for sexual enhancement…

If you hold a load back long enough a few things happen that are inescapable.

1. You feel the need to piss. That’s because your prostate is swelling and it’s now pressuring your bladder.
2. Your lower abdomen will grow big because of the increased prostate size.
3. Your balls will tighten up and may even start to hurt a bit depending on how long you’ve been holding back your ejaculation.

semen everywhere

Don’t do it

Everybody knows that busting a nut is no laughing matter. But do exercise caution when you are so close to shooting a huge load of semen – accidents have happened and new sheets have been bought. Always have a safe place for your load to land if it’s not on her face or in a condom. It’s just bad practice to go icing the whole damn house in your semen because your too fucking lazy to go get a sock.

Everybody knows the age old saying – “Don’t shit where you eat” well the same goes for jerking off –  “Don’t skeet where you eat” (or anywhere else for that matter that isn’t the bathroom)

I just felt that I had to publish this for a certain few individuals whose homes I have visited and there happens to be semen on the god damn wall that I’m standing next to. It goes un-noticed to the homeowner, but anybody else who is normal and doesn’t pop off their ropes absolutely everywhere will notice.

There are more of these people out there in this fucked up nut popping world. So ejaculate with caution you freaks.


You Can’t Polish a Turd

“You can’t polish a turd?”

What the fuck does that have to do with increasing my ejaculation, Brock? Well i’ll tell you.

Quite simply you are the turd. Your body was forced out of your mothers vagina designed one way and it is not easy to change those design plans. Those design plans you want to change – like increased seminal fluid and a bigger ejaculation. It’s your genetic code and right now your genetic code is shitty enough for you not to accept it as it is, and that is perfectly alright. That’s why scientists make stuff like herbals and products like Semenax to help increase your seminal fluid. Although it won’t be easy it will work in due time.

Go ahead modify your body until your content, get plastic surgery until your as plastic as a barbie doll. Make your inner image as glorious as your outer appearance. Make yourself happy and increase your seminal fluid now with a free trial of Semenax and start shooting huge fucking loads sooner than you think possible.

Testosterone And Sexual Health

First of all I want to make it absolutely clear that I’m not trying to sell you any kind of T-booster or am I going to tell you where to find anything of the sort. That shit is terrible for your body. I don’t recommend it in the least. If you are here to look for natural safe ways to increase your testosterone levels than you’re in the right spot and you should continue reading.

You may already know that testosterone is produced in the thyroid gland; which is responsible for producing every hormone in your body and keeping your body healthy.

An average thyroid gland produces a healthy amount of testosterone and even estrogen in both men and women. Everybody (both male and female) have testosterone and estrogen production. It’s the balance that keeps the person healthy and when the balance is thrown off problems arise.

What’s a healthy level?

Well that’s the tricky part. There is no ideal healthy level. Everybody is different. It’s what makes certain people have lower vices and others high pitch.

What can I do to Increase My Testosterone level?

This is a great question and you can take action. And No i’m not selling you shit. I already told you that. The easiest way to fix low T or increase your Testosterone level is working out. Plain old fashion physical activity.
“HINT: T-boosters don’t work! There are so many testosterone boosters on the market that claim they will make you feel like a young man again and have the virility of an A class race stud. But really they’re just crammed full of shit. If anybody took the time to research the stuff on the container, they would notice it’s a bunch of weeds and amino acids. Don’t waste your money. 

So what can I actually do?

Well the umber one workout you can do is the deadlift. Literally the best most compound exercise you can do at the gym or even at home (if you have a barbell and weights). It is a matter of picking shit up and putting it back down. Mankind has been picking up stuff for centuries; you can just do it better with a strong deadlift.


deadlift illustration

So what can be better for you than working out and getting strong?

Uuuuum… Well there was a study done showing that watching porn increases testosterone, but I beg to differ and I honestly don’t agree with that. But for good measure here’s a picture of a hot girl doing a deadlift. So much testosterone production.

sexy deadlift

sexy deadlift


So that’s it. If you can get to the gym on a regular basis, that’s fantastic. If you can’t

than grab a kettellbell and swing that fucker around. Kettellbell wings are another great exercise that can be done at home or even in your office. They don’t require a barbell.

There is one natural alternative that is literally natures testosterone and it’s called pine pollen because it is pine pollen. Check it out.

Coffee And Your Dicks Health

Every day something new is published about coffee and the effects or caffeine on men’s sexual health.

So… Are there actually any benefits to drinking coffee daily or is it a load of shit?

The riddle to life. Well as I sit here drinking my 3rd cup of coffee (the equivalent of my 123rd ounce) I’m writing this to you. And I should add I feel great and I’m sexually active. I should also add that those aren’t clinical results. It’s just my experience.

The hard facts.


I have a problem and the solution is more coffee. (pic taken on my phone)

Coffee is good for you. Let’s just put it at that. But why is it good for you?

Smart people always ask questions. I’m not a doctor. But I’ve read from multiple sources that coffee may help prevent Alzheimers disease by keeping your brain stimulated. But you’re not here for alzheimers information.

What can coffee do for my dick?

Being an avid coffee drinker I have experienced life in slow motion, with a shit load of caffeine coursing through my veins. So if you have caffeine flowing through you what effect will it have?

Firstly – Can you handle your caffeine? Some people are highly caffeine sensitive and can’t even handle a small 24 ounce cup of coffee without getting shaky and talking at light speed (aka blabber speed). If you can’t handle you caffeine, then drinking coffee daily for its benefits isn’t for you. Personally I drink 3 huge cups a day. I’m working on finishing off the rest of my last cup now. I’m still sitting in one spot and I’m not shaky or mouthing off or losing my mind. Have a cup and test your limits.

Coffee has cardiovascular benefits

Coffee improves cardiovascular function by increasing blood flow and heart rate, thus helping carry more oxygen to areas of the body that demand it.

Before you go crazy on me, let me clear thing s up. First of all these coffee researchers are flip floppers. They can’t keep their mind set on the fact if coffee is good or bad for you for longer than 5 minutes.  Second Coffee isn’t cocaine – caffeine is a natural stimulant that increases your heart rate a natural and healthy amount as not to make it explode.
I regularly visit the gym and i have a fantastic blood pressure says my doctor. So I can’t speak on behalf of those with heart conditions.

It is recommended that you check your blood pressure 30-60 minutes after drinking coffee to see if it is in fact the coffee raising you BP. Coffee is a stimulant. Don’t forget that.

So what should you have learned from that chaotic bit of information? And what does it have to do with your penis health?

Well cardiovascular health is in direct relation to the intensity of your erection and that should be considered a perk when you drink your next cup of joe, java or John coffee. Also keep in mind that if you are doing heaving lifting anything physically demanding, start off slow if you aren’t used to consuming coffee.

Coffee and the size of your ejaculation

Coffee with or without cream? Personally I take my coffee black, no additives, but when it comes to me going in on a long sexual adventure I do like to have a cup of coffee in me. In my experience that extra caffeine gives me endurance (let’s me last longer) and  lets me go harder in bed. Of course there are people who say that coffee takes away some of the sensation of sex, but I think that is a load of shit. If coffee lets me fuck harder and longer, I’m having a cup before I get into the sack.

How does coffee increase the size of my ejaculation? Coffee doesn’t directly increase the size of your ejaculation,but it assists in the process of doing so. As I said – coffee lets you go longer and harder. So you can build up a nice size load and then release a huge one when you are ready. Plus your woman will love you for lasting so long with her. Just remember: ‘Ladies first’ and she’ll be back for more .

Coffee and you erection

Coffee has a noticeable impact on the penis. After I have my daily dose of gods nectar I ca get hard so damn easy. I might just be sitting down in a chair and pop a half chub in my shorts (it can be troublesome).

Of course there are ‘professionals’ that have done studies on this effect observing coffees effect on the arousal of individuals. Not surprisingly (at least to me) those who consumed a few cups of coffee daily had a more active sex life and had a much higher state of arousal overall.Put simply coffee drinkers are more likely to be a horny people.

How does coffee increase your boner?

Coffee increases your blood pressure, thus increasing your blood flow allowing for a highly intense erection. There is a limit for the effect of high blood pressure and huge boners, though. So don’t go pushing it or you might die with a raging boner (which may not be that bad) as long as you had some hot ass on top of it.


By the length of this post you can tell that there was coffee involved. I hope you got something out of it.

Toys Aren’t Just For Kids

Sex Toys

I’ve decided to add a very brief page dedicated to some of the most popular (pleasure enhancing) sex toys. It’s short and sweet and there’s no bullshit in there.
When I was thinking about doing this (creating a page about male sex toys) I was thinking to myself “what if my girlfriend walks in and finds me researching this stuff?”

I was close to horrified at the thought of her catching me with a male sex toy up on my screen. Then it sunk in… I run this site for one main purpose and that is to help bring people (and their lovers) closer together by enhancing their sexual experience.
I even asked my girlfriend what she thinks about male sex toys. She doesn’t mind the concept. She said “If women can penetrate themselves for pleasure why shouldn’t men be able to?”  Naturally she asked me if I wanted to use toys during sex now. I’m open to the idea.
Check out the page HERE
Anyway check out the new page. It’s in the main navigation menu and isn’t going anywhere. Leave a comment if you want to ask about anything.

I have listed 3 toys on the page. I call them pleasure enhancer toys because most male sex toys are pocket pussies and rubberized vagina replicas. The things I posted are prostate simulators and The Sweet Tongue. I Think it’s one of the most advanced toys out there.

Seminal Cynicism

Chances are if you aren’t shooting loads of semen like a porn star you aren’t a porn star. And If you’re a porn star and stopped poppin off like you used to…well, you oughta get your shit right or you’re out of a job.

Most men in this world don’t aspire to be porn stars. They usually end up there as a result of too many sex tapes; They might even admire them. I’ll go as far to say that many men don’t want to be part of a bukake film. (yeah, i went there) Not all guys fit for the role to spray semen and have semen sprayed on them.


Every guy on the face of this fertile, pussy laden planet would love a bigger ejaculation. Nobody would argue with that. I would even go as far to say that they would pay for it (yeah, I went there).
If a man is insecure about the size of his dick in these modern times he can pay to have it medically extended. Why not pay to  have your loads of semen naturally increased.

All men who have seminal fluid deficiencies are bound to have pathetic offspring. That’s a fact. Don’t have shitty children. Increase your seminal fluid health before you go pumping some woman full of your baby juices. It’s just inconsiderate and selfish to get into a relationship because you now have a kid that is probably a diabetic retard.

That’s all I have to say. GO fuck yourself ,
Brock B with the big D

Color of Semen

Discolored Seminal Fluid

If you have discolored seminal fluid and/or semen there are a few different reasons why this could be. Don’t be scared, though. Each has it’s cause and it’s symptoms. Only a few have real cause for concern. Most are temporary changes and will resolve themselves in time. Some may need professional medical attention and can be signs of a more serious underlying condition.

The Causes of Discolored Seminal Fluid


  • Yellow, gold or green semen – Prostate infection
  • Yellow tinted – Urine in the semen
  • Thick, lumpy or jelly like – Male hormone deficiency
  • Pink, red or dark brown – bleeding from the prostate

Treatments for Discolored Semen

Each color has its own symptoms which calls for its own particular treatment. There is no way around treating discolored seminal fluid, either. You have to go with modern medicines.

Prostate infection is no joke. Get to the doctor fast and see what the deal is. Same goes for male hormone deficit and prostate bleeding. If you suspect anything abnormal or uncomfortable go see your physician asap.
You might find it embarrassing, but the appointment may save your life and save you alot of pain and suffering.
Never neglect your god given gifts… your dick and balls, man! Keep them pristine.

Blood In Semen

Bloody Semen: Hematospermia

Not the most appealing thing to read about. But Alot of people are looking for answers about reasons for blood in their seminal fluid and reasons why it’s there. 99% of all cases that causes bloody semen are surgery related. The other 1% are internal bleeding from natural causes. That is it in a nutshell.

Now. If you came here looking for pictures of bloody semen, i’m sorry to disappoint, but I didn’t have it in me to browse the internet for a picture of one. I started my search and almost ate my lunch a second time. You can find them at WebMd and Google images if you must see some pictures.

Bloody ejaculations are not to be overly concerned about. Even though they are disturbing to see and very concerning the first time. If you’ve recently had a abdominal surgery you will be susceptible to bloody ejaculations.
If you’ve not undergone a surgery recently and you start seeing blood in your semen make an appointment with your doctor and get examined. You may have some other source of bleeding.

Usual Sources of Bleeding

  • Vasectomy
  • Back surgery
  • Prostate biopsy
  • Brachytherapy
  • STD’s
  • Hernia operation

You can’t expect to have bloody ejaculations post surgery, but don’t put it out of your mind. It may not even be on your discharge papers (If you’ve had surgery).

Alternate Blood Sources

  • abdominal trauma (hard punch or landing)
  • Internal bleeding (hemorrhaged blood vessels or cut inside)
  • Thin blood (too many pain killers or anemia)

Any abdominal bleeding is a potential source for bloody semen. It just needs to make its way into one of the many sex organs.

I guess you’re wondering how to treat bloody semen by now?

Treating Bloody Semen

Well, you don’t !
If it’s the cause of a surgical procedure chances are you just have to wait for your surgical wounds to heal. It will take some time. Patience young grasshopper.
If it is NOT from a surgery then go see your medical professional as soon as possible. You may have internal wounds or an illness that is just now showing symptoms.

Tricks For Bigger Ejaculations

Tips For Bigger Ejaculations

There is a lot of speculation about increasing your ejaculation force and even size across the internet. I know for a fact that this is bullshit,though. All of this speculation is made by people who haven’t made any effort to fix their problem. So they have just resorted to saying everything is shit. Why and How do I know this? Well I’ve experienced first hand bigger ejaculations with increased distance and force.

This is such a popular topic of discussion online because some men feel unsatisfied with a dribble of cum sputtering out of their cock instead of a geyser (such as Peter North – SEE HERE) and other men just want to shoot more cum with more intensity on their women to satisfy her craving for semen. Which ever it is I can help you out.

You shouldn’t feel insufficient, but you shouldn’t go unsatisfied either. So I’m going to do just that.

It’s not a myth, It’s not difficult to do and I’m going to tell you how to get a bigger ejaculation right now.

There are multiple methods to do increase the intensity of your ejaculation and the size of it. I’ll begin with the easier methods.

First one is so simple you’ll want to smack yourself.

The Methods


Edging is a well known technique that’s been around for some time now. I’ve even written some stuff on it, which can be found here. A simple technique of pushing your limits then backing down, then trying over again to get a accumulation of semen.

“Loosing” as I’ve termed it here is strictly from my own personal experience. It’s a matter of muscle discipline really. Every time you ejaculate, your PC muscles (pubococygeus muscles) flex  causing high amounts of tension on all of your critical areas that produce semen and let it flow. This muscular flexing is necessary but not for so long. Loosing your orgasm is like your semen running a race on a smooth race course. When you don’t loose it, it’s like it’s going through a maze.

My Simple technique requires that at the moment of orgasm; just as you feel your self starting to tense up, completely relax your PC muscles and the semen will shoot like a geyser. It takes a few tries to get right and should be done lying down at first (probably with a towel beneath you). Once you’re very sure of yourself go ahead and stand up to loose all of of your cum on your girlfriend or wife (whoever it be).

Just Relax:

So many men jerk off in a hurry, just to get a nut off. If they took the time to really enjoy it and work up to a genuine orgasm instead of ravaging their cock then they’d have a better, bigger ejaculation. It’s that simple.

Make sure the wife is out and the house is totally empty. Set your mood (whatever it is) candles maybe or just some freaky BDSM on your laptop then relax and rub it out slowly. It’s so much more enjoyable and pays off so much more when you’re not rushed.


This is the modern world, man. You should think about getting with the modern methods.

I wrote about supplements before too.

There are so many supplements out there to help your ejaculate it’s actually quite ridiculous. The only one I truly vouch for is Semenax. I’ve tried it and it worked for me with great results. You can get your free trial here.

This entire site is about bigger ejaculations so there is plenty of related content below. Feel free to check those out too. They’ll help you out as well.