You think this is a Motha’ Fuckin’ Game!?

This isn’t Summa cum Laude. I’m not here for props. This is someone cumming loudly. That’s the objective here. So I’m gonna refer you to my favorite actor Al Pacino:

Al Pacino

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No Point in Lying

Selling sex products online is hard (no pun intended),but it’s hard because of the skeptics and the billions of other fraudulent rip off sex products that are being sold out there right now.

I have good intentions with this website…otherwise I wouldn’t have crammed thousands of hours of my life  and a hefty hunk of change into it.

buy semenax

*cough cough*
buy my shit

That’s how e-commerce is. It’s a cold world. There is no face to face interaction and no happy ending. (sorry to say)
It’s probably better that you aren’t buying this in a store, at the mall or at your local GNC. Could you imagine the cashiers face?

Well Look at it this way I am here with this product that offers you sexual enhancement (heard that before?) It increases your semen output so you perform like a porn star…Awesome right? Fuck yeah it is. Plus Semenax has a 2 month (that’s 60 days, duh!) absolutely risk free trial.

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Your Sexual Position and What it Reveals About You

I read an article about the most popular sex positions and the mindset related to the men who use them. It was interesting and I’d like to give you my take on it.

The article broke them down provided a mentality behind them and a good way to “switch things up”.

Here we go!

sex positions


The most well known position in the book. It was probably the first move you broke out the first time you got a girls pants off. It’s simple, intimate and it is a positions that everybody has seen a gazillion times in the movies. You just can’t do it wrong when you do it missionary.

The docs opinion: It’s a romantic position, but it’s not very adventurous. You are locking eyes in this position, but you are not giving her the most sexual pleasure while doing so. You have more to offer than just your gaze.

Switch a roo: If you always get your happy ending in the same old primitive position every single time you have sex chances are you’re not taking chances. Let your lady take control next time (nothing kinky) just let her get on top. It will spice it up.


DOGGY STYLE: (This is my personal favorite) 

It’s one of the more preferred among the guys I know and probably among all men. All here is how they got a girl from behind the other night or how they really want to get a girl doggy style soon.

The Docs Opinion: She says men enjoy doggy most because it taps into some “primal animalistic” instinct. Her take on the mental side of it is that men who prefer doggy also don’t prefer a intimate relationship.

The Switch aroo: Instead of taking her from behind, bent over every time try spooning for a change. It’s more intimate and it still has some of that doggy style feel.



The Move: It’s a great position because it’s more of a group of positions (or a bracket) She can ride you a billion ways. BUT! There is one thing to point out about this beautiful position and that is the fact that men who so thoroughly enjoy the man ontop are most likely men who are not confident in their own ability to please a woman.

The Switch Up: Every man on Earth and probably even some extra terrestrials enjoy watching Earthly titties and aliens boobs alike bouncing around form that bottom position. It’s understandable. But you have to show her that you know how to take control and pleasure her. Flip her around and take her to your own style of pound town.



The Move: This move has been associated with men who have a passionate and eager to please sexual personality. Given that when you just cuddle in the spooning position, it’s very intimate. The doctor says the guys who use this aren’t wimps. Take note fellas.

Switch Hitter: This is a very sexy, stimulating and intimate position. While you’re in this position, reach around her hips and stimulate her clitoris. She’ll  be grateful and you’ll get more out of sex too.  Maybe even go back to the classics and use missionary and get a bit more intimate.



The Move: Pressed against the front door, hoisted onto the kitchen counter, or in the shower, you can have standing sex anywhere but the bed. That’s why guys who like this position best are adventurous, and often turned on by the idea of being naughty. The Standing Man is a “mischievous lover who gets a thrill out of getting caught, and wants to have as much fun as possible with little regard of the consequences,” says Cadell.

Switch Things Up: Novelty is part of what keeps your sex life hot, so don’t let yours simmer down by going to the same standing position time after time. Vary up the locations you choose, or switch to doggy from time to time—you can have your partner standing and bending over a table—to keep things interesting.


Intimacy doesn’t come naturally to some men – I might even say most men. So more males tend to avoid to cuddles and kisses and go for the deeply erotic and penetrating positions. If you’ve been in a relationship for many years now intimacy shouldn’t be your problem. You just need a change in routine.

Increased Testosterone – No Fap No Booze

The 30 Day No Fap No Booze Challenge

Every guy masturbates. It’s normal, it’s natural. It’s also a waste of time and bodily fluid. Every guy has drank booze as well. It’s relaxing and helps people mingle.

What if every guy didn’t do either, though, for 30 days…? Do you have it in you to complete the No fap No booze Challenge?

Studies have shown that masturbating decreases testosterone significantly. Remember those times you’ve gone 3,4 maybe 5 days without fapping? Remember that feeling of increased energy and a boost in concentration. That’s directly related to not jerking off.

no fap

Now couple not jerking off with not drinking alcohol and your testosterone levels will go sky high compared to what they currently are. You’ll feel great, your energy will be through the roof and you’ll be feeling better than ever.

Do you even lift, bro?

If you lift weight and you try No fap No booze you’ll see a great difference. Your gains will go up and you’ll have a natural energy going into each workout. Everybody who lifts wants high T levels. High T goes side by side with bigger muscles. It’s science…(bro science).

Drinking alcohol is kind of self explanatory.  When you drink your body just has more shit it has to process and alcohol is not the easiest to process to say the least. Plus with one drink usually comes another. Hangovers are the worst on the human body. They deplete the body of all of its natural nutrients and draw all the water from the other bodily functions to help nurse the hangover. Essentially – hangovers = no gains.

So don’t be a meat beating alcoholic for one month and see how you feel. (sex is okay just not with yourself) and watch your gains grow and your mind focus.

The Urge To Splurge

Ever held back an ejaculation for an extended period of time? Maybe for sexual enhancement…

If you hold a load back long enough a few things happen that are inescapable.

1. You feel the need to piss. That’s because your prostate is swelling and it’s now pressuring your bladder.
2. Your lower abdomen will grow big because of the increased prostate size.
3. Your balls will tighten up and may even start to hurt a bit depending on how long you’ve been holding back your ejaculation.

semen everywhere
Don’t do it

Everybody knows that busting a nut is no laughing matter. But do exercise caution when you are so close to shooting a huge load of semen – accidents have happened and new sheets have been bought. Always have a safe place for your load to land if it’s not on her face or in a condom. It’s just bad practice to go icing the whole damn house in your semen because your too fucking lazy to go get a sock.

Everybody knows the age old saying – “Don’t shit where you eat” well the same goes for jerking off –  “Don’t skeet where you eat” (or anywhere else for that matter that isn’t the bathroom)

I just felt that I had to publish this for a certain few individuals whose homes I have visited and there happens to be semen on the god damn wall that I’m standing next to. It goes un-noticed to the homeowner, but anybody else who is normal and doesn’t pop off their ropes absolutely everywhere will notice.

There are more of these people out there in this fucked up nut popping world. So ejaculate with caution you freaks.


You Can’t Polish a Turd

“You can’t polish a turd?”

What the fuck does that have to do with increasing my ejaculation, Brock? Well i’ll tell you.

Quite simply you are the turd. Your body was forced out of your mothers vagina designed one way and it is not easy to change those design plans. Those design plans you want to change – like increased seminal fluid and a bigger ejaculation. It’s your genetic code and right now your genetic code is shitty enough for you not to accept it as it is, and that is perfectly alright. That’s why scientists make stuff like herbals and products like Semenax to help increase your seminal fluid. Although it won’t be easy it will work in due time.

Go ahead modify your body until your content, get plastic surgery until your as plastic as a barbie doll. Make your inner image as glorious as your outer appearance. Make yourself happy and increase your seminal fluid now with a free trial of Semenax and start shooting huge fucking loads sooner than you think possible.

Testosterone And Sexual Health

First of all I want to make it absolutely clear that I’m not trying to sell you any kind of T-booster or am I going to tell you where to find anything of the sort. That shit is terrible for your body. I don’t recommend it in the least. If you are here to look for natural safe ways to increase your testosterone levels than you’re in the right spot and you should continue reading.

You may already know that testosterone is produced in the thyroid gland; which is responsible for producing every hormone in your body and keeping your body healthy.

An average thyroid gland produces a healthy amount of testosterone and even estrogen in both men and women. Everybody (both male and female) have testosterone and estrogen production. It’s the balance that keeps the person healthy and when the balance is thrown off problems arise.

What’s a healthy level?

Well that’s the tricky part. There is no ideal healthy level. Everybody is different. It’s what makes certain people have lower vices and others high pitch.

What can I do to Increase My Testosterone level?

This is a great question and you can take action. And No i’m not selling you shit. I already told you that. The easiest way to fix low T or increase your Testosterone level is working out. Plain old fashion physical activity.
“HINT: T-boosters don’t work! There are so many testosterone boosters on the market that claim they will make you feel like a young man again and have the virility of an A class race stud. But really they’re just crammed full of shit. If anybody took the time to research the stuff on the container, they would notice it’s a bunch of weeds and amino acids. Don’t waste your money. 

So what can I actually do?

Well the umber one workout you can do is the deadlift. Literally the best most compound exercise you can do at the gym or even at home (if you have a barbell and weights). It is a matter of picking shit up and putting it back down. Mankind has been picking up stuff for centuries; you can just do it better with a strong deadlift.

deadlift illustration

So what can be better for you than working out and getting strong?

Uuuuum… Well there was a study done showing that watching porn increases testosterone, but I beg to differ and I honestly don’t agree with that. But for good measure here’s a picture of a hot girl doing a deadlift. So much testosterone production.

sexy deadlift
sexy deadlift


So that’s it. If you can get to the gym on a regular basis, that’s fantastic. If you can’t

than grab a kettellbell and swing that fucker around. Kettellbell wings are another great exercise that can be done at home or even in your office. They don’t require a barbell.

There is one natural alternative that is literally natures testosterone and it’s called pine pollen because it is pine pollen. Check it out.

Get Bigger Ejaculations With These Tips To increase Your Semen Volume