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Foods That Increase Your Seminal Fluid Volume

Foods That Increase Your Seminal Fluid Volume

What Foods Can Increase your Seminal Fluid Volume?

A lot of guys ask and I mean A LOT!) “What can I eat to increase my sperm volume?” who knew guys would like to go shopping for the sake of their sperm count. I know I hate shopping except for the fine view of the yoga pants wearing ladies walking around. Aside from that, What can you go shopping for that can increase your swimmers and make your sperm nice and dense so the ladies that you see walking around that supermarket might desire you a bit more.

Let’s carry on, then…

A small prefix…

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The Foods For Increasing Your Seminal Fluid Are as Follows:

#10) Oysters
As well as being a renown aphrodisiac shellfish are great to help you increase your seminal fluid. Shellfish (like oysters) contain high amounts of potent amino acids which are critical for producing semen. That’s not all though. It was also discovered by scientists in Miami Florida, that Oysters provide men and women both with the hormones they need to produce an increased sex drive and give either a man or woman a boost in libido.Next time you dine out you should take your lady for oysters.

#9) Dark Chocolate

foods that increase seminal fluid

Dick shaped fruit never stops being funny.

It can’t be too hard to get enough dark chocolate in your diet. It’s tasty and you can eat it in a variety of ways. I’m not Betty Crocker, though, so I’m not giving you recipes on how to get your doses of dark chocolate. Just don’t consume punds each day or you may gain some weight. Anyways… What makes dark chocolate good for your baby makers and how can it help increase your seminal fluid? It contains L-Arginine HCL. It is another powerful amino acid. L-Arginine HCL has been proven in clinical trials to double male seminal fluid and even increase pleasure. Exercise caution though. If you eat too much of this amino acid you may not only gain weight, you can start to lose what you first started to gain… your sperm!

#8) Maca
This is an ancient remedy sworn to by the Peruvians for hundreds of years, but what is a promise these days? There was research done proving this Maca plant and it came back with great results. After a 12 week trial scientist who had men taking 1,500 – 3,000 milligrams of Maca extract daily reported some real findings… Like a distinct increase in seminal fluid and sperm motility. Not to forget an increase in sexual desire. So if you want one food to eat to increase your sperm volume. Make it maca.

NOTE: Finding food extracts that increase your seminal fluid is a very tough task. Many manufactures of any type of extract dilute the herb you are trying to purchase or just haven’t perfected their practice of extracting the herb.

#7) Bananas
Remember the classic banana and two orange arrangements at the lunch table back in high school or in college to make your friends laugh. Or maybe you still do it. Well the banana is perfect for that joke because it relates perfectly to that region of your body and for good reason. The banana contains an enzyme called bromelain. That enzyme has been found to increase libido and sex drive. So make sure to keep a few around the house. This  seemingly insignificant fruit also contains vitamin B which can also increase your stamina in lefty and righty. Finding the right food to increase your seminal fluid is tough, but the banana is a great one.

#6) Asparagus

Not every guy like his fruits and veggies, but if you want performance you may have to make some sacrifices. Fruits and veggies aren’t all that bad. You should be able to eat them by now without whining. What is magical about this veggie, why should I have to eat it? Well, have you heard of free radicals? Chances are you heard your girlfriend or wife whining about them being bad for her skin.They are not only harmful to her skin, they can hurt your seminal fluid production too. This little food can help prevent that damage with the anti oxidants it provides. So next time your ot feeling so fresh scarf a few of these puppies down and know that you’re saving the future of mankind.

#5) Walnuts
Guess what’s good for your nuts? Walnuts. These great nuts contain Omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to increase sperm count and sexual performance. Blood flow is essential during sex and that is just what these nuts have to offer to yours. Plus in recent studies eating around 10 walnuts a day can reduce the risk of heart disease and lower your cholesterol. Walnuts are among the best nut in the nut family that you can eat. They contain almost double the amount of anti oxidants of any other nut.

SIDE NOTE: Ever notice how many things that you eat that benefit your body resemble that of which they are helping? The banana helps your genitals so do the walnuts (go figure!)

#4) Pumpkin Seeds
There was a report published in the World Journal of Chemistry saying that pumpkin seeds have a protective element to them named phytosterols which help to make an enlarged prostate smaller. That same element can also help produce testosterone. Not to mention the loads of Omega 3 fatty acids that they are packed with. That property allows better blood flow to both of the brains each man has.

#3) Ginsengfoods that increase seminal fluid
Ginseng is one of the oldest remedies that man has known. It has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and still has its uses today apparently. Research ha been done into the ginseng root to see what the secret is inside this root. One lab found that ginseg produced accelerated hormonal secretions in lab rats; which led to increased libido. (Not my kind of experiment.) The experiment only proved that which has been known for many years by the Asians. Enhanced libido, sexual performance and accelerated hormone production. Another study (a sample of 45 men with Erectile Dysfunction ) showed that the root improved erection up to 60%.

#2) Garlic
You’re probably thinking “what does garlic have to offer me besides terrible breath and a fictional anti vampire remedy?” It actually has high levels of allicin which is an organosulfur compound( a what?) basically it is a compound that increases the density of your little Olympian swimmers. It also increases blood flow to all of your sex organs. Note of caution: limit your intake or you may never be able to even use your newly increased seminal fluid system because of your rancid breathe.

DUN DUN DUN DUN! The last item.
I’m just kidding this ingredient isn’t any better or anything.

#1) Goji Berries
One of the primary reasons for low sperm count is overheating (along with rock star tight pants). Doctors recommend Goji berries for this reason. Poor blood circulation causes your body to retain its heat and not allow proper heat dispersion. These berries improve circulation and keep the temperature in your baby making region at an optimal level. It is also a common belief that these berries improve over all well being and stamina (that includes a happy sex life). I’d give them a whirl.

That’s the list of the 10 foods that increase seminal fluid. They are more dietary modifications (if you will).


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  • i am married …since 5years but i have no babby the simin anaylasis report told that i have low sperm count… slugish and dead…please recomend me medicine or any solution… i shal be very thank ful to you

    • Semenax is your best bet. It covers all those bases. It increases sperm count, quantity, quality and motility.

      Best of luck to you,

      • to keep taking Fertility Blend. He has not had any side eeftcfs from this product. I was somewhat worried about that, but it is an all natural product. I am praying that this works and we conceive soon! Good luck! Baby dust to you and your dh.

    • It is glad you made your faith with us. Thanks. To get faster relusts with ED problem, use , and try some normal techniques like stop stroking just before ejaculation for premature ejaculation. Wish you good luck. In case you have further query, please feel free to contact us.

    • Thanks for the comment, Kip. I agree with you about eadpnxing this concept to social media. On Twitter, I have become very selective about the people whom I follow and regularly cull that list. Not because they are not nice or interesting, but rather because the things that they write about are not of pressing interest to me. By culling my list regularly, I find that most of the tweets I get are interesting and helpful.Cheers!John

    • For what you described I would suggest Volume Pills. They are great for a multitude of things, but particularly enhancing your semen condition.

  • want to have a baby

    • I’m amazed, I have to admit. Actually rarley do I come across a webpage that’s educative and fun, and I want to tell you, you may have hit the nail on the head. Your concept is excellent; the difficulty is something that not sufficient people are talking intelligently about. I’m really satisfied that I stumbled throughout this within my seek for something talking about it.

    • Hi ,
      I’m terribly sorry, I’ve not been on sooner. That’s terrific! I’m assuming you’ve already tried having a child without supplements. I would personally recommend Semenax because it increases your potency and quantity of your sperm.
      I wish you the best of luck,

  • I’ve recently underwent prostate surgery. I understand recovery may take a while. I also remember my surgeon telling me that ejacilation fuild is not solely produced by prostate. What can I. Do to increase the fluid clmjng from somewhere else in my body? Thank you.

    • Your doctors right. Your testicles produce all of your seminal fluid. Your prostate is responsible for the stimulation of an ejaculation. You can try Volume Pills. They have great results in improving seminal fluid.


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