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How to Increase Seminal Fluid Volume

How to Increase Your Ejaculation Volume

There are any methods on how to increase your seminal fluid volume. It is really a matter of preference – How do you and your partner like to do it most? The stop and go method is a very common method of accumulating an increase in semen. It’s simple and pleasurable for both players in sex. All you have to do is stop or pull out (depending on what kind of contraception is being used) when you feel like you’re about to cum, then when the feeling of orgasm goes away start back up again. In the mean time, tough; while you’re not using your penis you can use your tongue or your fingers on your lover and really increase her pleasure.
Cunnilingus is very pleasurable for most women. It also takes practice, but you have to start somewhere.

After you take a few breaks before orgasm you will have accumulated a large amount of semen and created an ejaculation that will make you feel terrific. This will create a large orgasm also producing a bigger ejaculation for you; in turn making a much more intense feeling of bliss in the end after ejaculating.

The Anatomy of Ejaculating

anatomy of the penis

In order to understand how to increase your seminal fluid or how to increase the size and volume of your ejaculation you have to understand a few key things about how the ejaculatory process works.
There are quite a few things that happen during an ejaculation. To ensure a successful ejaculation you must keep all the following parts healthy and functioning well…

First; Your ejaculatory ducts – Self explanatory, but if you didn’t know this is the duct that your semen travels like a canon ball through the canon.  This duct can be harmed by poor diet and smoking alEong with many other things.

Epididymis – This is the area where your immature sperm develop into fully grown sperm so they can fertilize female eggs. They wait here until you are ready to ejaculate.

Testicles:  Hopefully you know what these are. You may not know the exact purpose of the fellas, but it doesn’t matter right? No. These balls (that you may have even named) have a very important role in your life. They produce both sperm and testosterone and inside each lay just over a half a mile of sperm ducts to produce semen.

Prostate Gland – Oddly referred to as the male G-spot, the prostate gland is located at the beginning of the urethra (your pissing pipe). When you become sexually aroused, the gland swells to cause the passage to the bladder to shut off. This is the gland that becomes awkwardly probed by your doctor if you believe you have a swollen prostate.  If you have an inflamed prostate your doc will put his fingers where they shouldn’t go and force an ejaculation. (That’s how the doctor knows you have a healthy prostate) Exercise caution when asking your doc about your prostate, but stay healthy.

Seminal Vesicles – This is where your body creates the fluid that protects your sperm after it exits your body. The fluid is simply referred to as seminal fluid. It creates a shield like atmosphere for you sperm – o – nauts. You may have noticed by now after years of spanking it and having sex, that when you ejaculate – there is a clear type of fluid(referred to as seminal fluid) and a thicker, white fluid (your semen or sperm). The two are easily confusable, but there are differences. The seminal fluid acts as the shield to your sperm and ensures that your little guys will make it to that egg that they have to journey to (if that is your goal when you ejaculate).

Vas Deferens – This tube goes from the epididymis to the seminal vesicles to assist in the transport of semen matter. A very important step – otherwise you wouldn’t be able to ejaculate.

Read carefully; the following message if you wish to increase the amount of seminal fluid you produce and the size of your ejaculations.

Essential Vitamins, Minerals and other naturals to increase your ejaculation size

Amino Acids are a critical if you desire to increase the size of your ejaculation.  It has been shown to increase the amount of seminal fluid not necessarily the amount of sperm (if taken on a regular basis) some amino acids are:

L – Arginine
L – Lysine
L – Carnitine

Those three amino acids alone could significantly help improve the size of your ejaculation.

Amino acids are a critical part of every diet. You should try to include them in your every day diet. Though, it is difficult to do so there are products that can help.bigger ejaculations


Zinc – Zinc has been proven to increase an individual’s sperm count and the motility of sperm. Coupled with the above amino acids you could see a real improvement in ejaculate volume and seminal fluid movement. The movement of sperm is very important if you are looking to increase the distance that you ejaculate. Get more amino acids and Zinc in your diet and shoot your loads farther and with much more power.

PC Exercises

– No, I’m not talking about your computer. I’m referring to your pubococcygeus muscles which directly relates to kegel exercises which are great for making you last longer in the sack; they are also good for increasing the amount of sperm you produce. There are a wide variety of penis workouts you can perform to keep your sex-life vibrant while shooting loads like a canon. This is the muscle that controls the flow of your urine when you’re going to the bathroom. It is located near the top of the penis. In case you’re wondering – yes it does take practice to train. Locating it isn’t as difficult though. Next time you go to urinate; stop the flow mid-stream and you will have identified which muscle it is. It doesn’t require a picture diagram. Just reuse that muscle over and over.
Do some sets (or reps):
You can start by just clenching the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscles) as long as possible, then releasing. Repeat these steps for as long as you please.

You can do sets of 3 for a duration of 10-30 seconds.

These exercises will allow you to have a harder erection and spend more time with your lover. It will also enhance your ejaculation. Plus there is no limit to how much you can train you PC muscle.

Horny Goat Weed – This is an herbal supplement (obviously enough it’s a weed). But the fascinating thing about this weed is that it has been used for centuries to treat impotency and help out with less fertile gents. This doesn’t mean you can’t take it if you don’t meet those criteria. This is an all natural herb that is harmless to consume. It has also been proven to help with the occasional whiskey dick or ED.

Pumpkin Seeds – These seeds aren’t commonly thought of as a sexual “item” I suppose, but they can definitely help in the battle for an increased ejaculation. Pumpkin seeds don’t directly increase the amount of sperm or seminal fluid you produce, but they do increase or restore your testosterone levels and enhance prostate health; that’s still great.

These are some great stating points in the search to increase the size of your ejaculation. Take them into consideration and watch where you point the thing. You might take an eye out.

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