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How to Increase Seminal Fluid

How to Increase Seminal Fluid

“How do you increase seminal fluid”: That’s the common question
So you want to know how to increase seminal fluid production? – You should know first that your swimmers are in danger already. So how do you help them out and increase your sperm count and volume? Well, you can start by using your cell phone less… Read more below.

Increasing Your Sperm Count and Seminal Health At No Cost: Facts That Will Save Your Semen…

Recent studies have shown that the sperm count in men has been falling a steady 1%… yearly! Holy crap!

What causes this steady decline in male fertility? What can you do?

It has been proven, with thorough studies that carrying cellular or radio devices (such as your cell phone) close to your testicles greatly reduces your sperm health. There are a few things taken into consideration when calculating your seminal health…

These factors are measured to determine your sperms health and fertility.

Volume: The amount of semen produced with a single ejaculation.
Liquefaction Time: Sperm is first ejaculated in a gel like matter, but becomes liquid about 20 minutes after ejaculation. Liquefaction Time is the matter of time it takes for your semen to liquefy.
Sperm count: This is the measure of how many parts per million of each milliliter of semen is actual sperm.
Sperm Morphology:  This is the measure of the percentage of sperm that is shaped normally.
Sperm Motility:  This is the measure of sperm that can move forward. Not all sperm a shaped correctly.
pH: This is a measure of the acidity (low pH) or alkalinity (high pH) of the semen.
White Blood Cell Count: White blood cells aren’t typically found in sperm.
Fructose Levels: Fructose is a form of sugar that should be present in your sperm to provide them with the proper energy.

You can talk to your doctor about getting your sperm analyzed for potency and motility.  That might cost you, though.

How to avoid this common problem in your sperms health.

All you have to do in order to increase your fertility is remove your cell phone from your front pocket. It’s that easy! Move it to your back pocket, get a hip case for your phone or put your phone in a backpack or briefcase. Turning off your cell phone for a period of time daily will help too. Over a 12 month period you will see an increase in you sperms health. I removed my cell phone from my genital region and used Semenax simultaneously and saw an improvement in my sperm in 3 months; taking semen analysis tests monthly.

Don’t Fail Your Lover – Exceed Her Expectations

Men are looking for answers on how to please their partners to their fullest and I can’t blame them. I try my hardest to please my woman everytime… Whoever it may be. Everybody has different demands and many love to meet those expectations. Nobody wants to let down the other. Failure is not easily accepted by men.

Do you like to fail?
I didn’t think so.

So if your partner is asking you for your fullest attention and 100% of your love are you willing to provide it? I’m guessing the answer is “Yes”, but Can you provide that quality of love? That is another story. Some men may answer that question with a “No” or a “maybe”. There is no problem with that either. It’s just honesty.

You have to be honest with yourself, and identify the problem you came here to solve.

Many men find that the size of their penis and/or the size of the ejaculation reflects on their self confidence. It is shameful when a woman is expecting a great time and then a sputter and hardly anything.

That brings me to my net point…

How To Increase Your Seminal Fluid Production?

increase seminal production

A crude, but effective illustration depicting how you could be producing semen.

There are three very common questions that circulate around this question. I’ll address them first.

  1. What supplements are out there that can help increase my semen production?
  2. Can my diet effect/increase my semen production?
  3. What products exist that can help increase seminal fluid production?

I’ll address them one at a time.

Supplementing for your semen production

Men frequently resort to supplements to attempt to increase the production of their semen. But does the supplementation of the nutrients actually work? Let’s look at what is needed in order to produce semen…

sugars, proteins/amino acids, mineral, vitamins, hormones and natural human byproducts; these are all the building blocks of semen. Without such semen would not be.
So how can you use supplements to increase your semen production? Well you can start by breaking down what is in each one of these groups. It is actually amazing, but we’ll keep it simple.
The sugar group consists of Fructose, sorbitol, inositol, so you can take those vitamins.
In the protein/amino acids category is quite a few: glutathione, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), creatine.
Can’t forget the minerals. These minerals are said to be the most important to increasing your seminal fluid production. Phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium. That’s quite a few minerals.
As for the vitamins: Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin B12, choline and hormones: Testosterone, prostaglandins.
Can’t forget the by products, which are harmless:Lactic acid, urea, uric acid, nitrogen.

Now… After taking all of that into careful consideration. Would you actually want to buy each supplement and take at least one with each meal?

Diet to Increase seminal fluid production

Dieting is a more disciplined method to increase production of your semen. You can’t slip up. You have to stick to your diet regiment and keep it going strong otherwise you can lose what you’ve been trying to achieve in a single day. What you eat has to be planned and you have to know what is in what you’re eating. Ingredients are key. The ingredients I listed above are now up to you to  your diet through food alone. That is a tough thing to do if you don’t diet regularly and aren’t trained. If you don’t work out you could easily put on weight, fast. The dieting route is a difficult path to go if you’re looking to increase your seminal fluid production, but it is the most natural and is effective if done properly by a knowledgeable person.

Products To Help Increase Semen Production

This is a much more straight forward approach to trying to achieve your goal; probably the smartest of all three. I save it for last because I like to cover all bases and leave all options open for people who don’t want to spend money. I like to use products to help me on my path to success, with this goal because it is simply easier. When I say product I mean a proven pill that you can buy. In this case that product is called Semenax.
I have used Semenax since I have desired bigger ejaculations and since that time I have got them. That was probably 2 years ago. I have tried supplementing my body to help increase my production and it didn’t work. I tried dieting and I just didn’t have it in me to eat as healthy as I was supposed to. I like my fast food. So now I use Semenax in collaboration with a few supplements and a bit of dieting here and there(mainly to prevent heart attack) and I love the results.

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