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Using Supplements For Bigger Ejaculations

Many men seek to achieve a bigger ejaculation during their lifetime; be it in their youth or in the later years of their life, (naturally or medicinally) in order to increase their sexual pleasure. There are herbal supplements some of which are highly effective and other that are falsely advertised. Prescribed drugs are available as well, which claim to increase semen production. Plus a healthy diet and lifestyle can only help.  However, the best possible way to achieve results may also be the most pleasurable – enjoying and building techniques during sex.

Take Pride In a Bigger Ejaculation

As with a large penis, you should take considerable pride in a bigger ejaculation. The bigger your ejaculation, the more pleasure you will get out of your orgasm and the more you will love the feeling of bliss each time you ejaculate. You will feel so much more confident in your level of virility and potency.  In addition, if your ejaculate volume begins to decline, as it may within your years and with any health problems you may suffer from, you may begin to feel insecure and less adequate as a man you may want to compensate with products and outrageous techniques let me tell you some rational things first before you go buying ridiculous things online.

bigger ejaculation supplements

Make sure you're taking the right stuff or your could be hurting yourself.

 Products and Supplements For Larger Ejaculations

While, as with penis size, there are products available that claim to be able to give you a bigger ejaculation, while some may actually just put a hole in your pocket with no proof at all that they can achieve anything there are others that exist that can really help you blow loads like you want. You can also try improving your diet and health, and this will be beneficial to you in the long term, even if it does not result in bigger ejaculations.


Dietary supplements that may help achieve a larger ejaculation include zinc and amino acids, notably L-Lysine, L-Carnitine and L-Arginine, and drinking more water may help by increasing the fluid amount available to the seminal vesicles where semen is made. Eating healthy can do nothing but good, and exercising will improve the circulation to your reproductive organs and glands, making them more efficient. Be sure to get plenty of foods in your diet that is rich with natural amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids.

 Exercise and Herbs For High Performance Ejaculations

Exercising the pubococcygeus muscle is great for achieving a bigger ejaculation. This muscle forms a floor to the pelvis and contracts during orgasm in both men and women. It has been claimed that it stimulates a bigger ejaculation.  Whether or not it does, it can certainly benefit the sexual performance in other ways, enhancing erection and possibly improving orgasm.


Herbal compounds such as Horny Goat Weed, or Epimedium sagittatum, have been said to encourage a larger volume of seminal fluid, and there are similar claims for such everyday substances as asparagus, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, pumpkin seed and pineapple. What makes these foods good for a larger ejaculate volume? It’s what’s inside each of them that makes them great for increasing blood circulation and faster semen production and enhancing the power in which you semen is ejaculated.

Better Ejaculations Through Sex

Abstaining from sexual activity for long periods may also increase semen volume, but isn’t actually healthy. Ejaculating every three days is healthy practice; a semen backup isn’t good for your body. You want fresh semen to develop regularly. Sexual abstinence isn’t practiced by many of the sexually active males obviously. Probably the best way in which to achieve a bigger ejaculation is also the most pleasurable.  Known as “edging”, the start, stop, start technique is likely to result in a far more intense orgasm and increased flow of semen.  You can practice this method alone while masturbating to improve your technique when you are with your partner.


Edging involves making love until you are almost at the point of climax, then stopping. You may stay inside your partner or withdraw until the sensations of impending orgasm dies down, then start again.  The more times you do this, the more intense the pleasure and the bigger the ejaculation will be, and it has the added advantage that while you are in the stop phase, you can use your fingers or tongue on your partner to increase her pleasure.  The technique will also please her by making intercourse last longer, giving her more opportunity for pleasure.  It is possible to experience orgasmic pleasure just before you stop and without ejaculating, and this can be repeated several times, in what amounts to a multiple orgasm – usually only experienced by women.




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