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Ways to Have Bigger Ejaculations

Bigger Ejaculations Are Within Reach

Guys are always looking for new ways to have a bigger ejaculation or increase its size and volume. A bigger ejaculation increase the virility, potency and sexual attractiveness to women. Additionally, the bigger, more forceful ejaculation a man has, the greater his sexual pleasure. You can make changes in your lifestyle to increase ejaculation volume. A technique called tantric sex can also be used increase to accumulate a larger volume of seminal fluid during sex as well as enhancing the sexual pleasure experienced by both partners during intercourse.

The Benefits of Bigger Ejaculationsbigger ejaculations

Just as many men search for ways to increase the size of their penis, they also look to ways to increase ejaculation volume. It is a thing to take pride in; when you shoot a huge load and please your lady. The more you ejaculate the more you will be seen as a sexually potent male. Of course it isn’t necessary to shoot loads like a porn star, but it also isn’t necessary to have millions of dollars, but it’s a luxury and it’s very nice to be able to. It’s been proven that women prefer men who have bigger ejaculations because they were seen as the healthiest man in their society. Don’t you want to be able to shoot the largest load?

Strictly speaking women don’t ask for large amounts of semen to be poured on them, but certain groups of women have said that they love the feeling of semen on them so much that it actually makes them orgasm immediately.

So there is no reason not to increase the size of your orgasm just for your lady. Additionally, if you’re looking for a bigger ejaculation you may find that it comes with other perks as well because it increases your sexual pleasure because of the contractions, which make orgasms pleasurable plus an increase in intensity when there is more seminal fluid to ejaculate.

Fluids and Ejaculate Amounts

Men, who are deficient in their production of seminal fluid, can make lifestyle changes to increase the volume of their ejaculate. It is important for a man to make sure he is consuming plenty of water and avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol on a more than casual basis, both of which cause dehydration. Alcohol is a great fluid in general (sarcasm). It’s delicious and makes for fun times, but if you want to increase the size of your ejaculations you are going to have to cut back on it. Coffee has the same dehydrating effect on your body as alcohol .When you drink too much coffee your body becomes dehydrated and needs more water. That is why it’s recommended that you drink more water along with cutting back on both coffee and grandpas cough medicine.bigger ejaculations

Excessive amounts of stress can also cause smaller ejaculation volume. Learning stress management techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization are beneficial for you to increase the volume and intensity of your ejaculation. Cortisol is the stress hormone; this hormone is released when you drink too much Starbucks and that can impair your ejaculate production.

Strengthening the muscles involved in ejaculation through repeated contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, called Kegel exercises or PC exercises can assist in increase the volume of the seminal fluid produced, as well the force of the ejaculation. Aerobic exercise, which increases blood circulation, can also help to increase seminal fluid production. Or you can try Semenax and stop trying to exercise for a bigger ejaculation.

Tantric Sex: A Technique to For Bigger Ejaculation

Another strategy to increase the amount and the force of your ejaculate is to prolong foreplay and the amount of time between ejaculations. The practice of Tantric sex can enhance and prolong the sexual experience of both men and women. Tantric sex involves all of the senses in lovemaking. To start, define a special place for intimacy with special music, soft bedding and pillows, candles, and the scents of jasmine, ylang-ylang, or roses. The next step involves alternate breathing while looking each other directly in the eyes. Then it is time for soft touching leading to prolonged foreplay. The man needs to refrain from ejaculation when he penetrates the woman the first few times. As the sexual tension builds, so does the seminal fluid so when the man gets to the point he has to achieve orgasm, he will have a bigger ejaculation and more intense orgasm.

It is important not to expect immediate results using this technique, as both partners will need to practice and it might seem odd at first. As both partners practice the integration of mind body and soul into the act of sexual intercourse, the man might get to the point of not only have bigger ejaculation, but also the rare multiple orgasm that is frequently experienced by women. The ral key to tantric sex is discipline. Not letting one or the other lover cum before the other and knowing when to pull out to “cool down” your penis and take a break so you don’t cum early.

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